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How To Play WORD Search

Find the words shown on the left amongst all of the letters in the puzzle. The words can be lined up vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Words can be shown forwards or backwards in the puzzle. To mark a word you have found, just click on the first letter of the word and drag your mouse to the last letter of the word. Words you have successly found will change color to blue. You can also use your mouse to help find words, simply click your mouse on what you think might be a beginning of a word and drag it in a wide arc around the puzzle--the "words" you have selected will show up under "Word Selected" on the left side of the puzzle. If you give up on finding a word or two, you can always cheat by clicking the "Solve" button to reveal all of the hidden words. Click the "New Game" button to set up a new puzzle. Each puzzle will be different so a single WORD Search puzzle can give you hours of pleasure!

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