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Here we have news stories on the latest happenings in churches, denominations and about world events of concern to Christians. Please note that many of these stories are about disturbing trends in religion and the world; these stories are not necessarily intended to represent the doctrine or views of the Apostolic Christian Church. 


ACCIC Editor Picks

bullet19_gray.gif Indians worship baby born with horrible birth defect, believe it is a Hindu goddess

bullet19_gray.gif Catholic priest rakes in millions performing fake exorcisms

bullet19_gray.gif Obama's church has recently purged their website of info that could reflect poorly on Obama, but you can still see it here

bullet19_gray.gif Baptist church's rock music keeps neighbors awake

bullet19_gray.gif Obama's cursing, racist pastor retires to $1,600,000 mansion

bullet19_gray.gif Obama: You don't need to believe in Christ to get to heaven

bullet19_gray.gif Gays celebrate Easter by holding "hunky Jesus" contest

bullet19_gray.gif Megachurch tries to lure people with 30 minute church services (official website)

bullet19_gray.gif Catholics celebrate Easter with crucifixions, whips and beer

bullet19_gray.gif "Christian" sex magazine selling like hotcakes

bullet19_gray.gif Obama's minister of hate and racism

bullet19_gray.gif Obama's racist pastor and "black liberation theology" UCC church, see also

bullet19_gray.gif Obama's pastor: God &*#@ America

bullet19_gray.gif California legislators seriously considering bill to "abolish marriage"

bullet19_gray.gif New Catholic sin invented: Recycle, or go to hell, warns Vatican

bullet19_gray.gif Obama pandering to gays

bullet19_gray.gif Planned Parenthood caught defrauding taxpayers of $180,000,000

bullet19_gray.gif Obama vows to fight for gay rights if elected

bullet19_gray.gif Public park forced to closed because of gays turned into orgy central

bullet19_gray.gif Catholic church exhumes body of a "saint" so that faithful can adore his corpse

bullet19_gray.gif Obama: Jesus tells him that we can't condemn gay "marriages"

bullet19_gray.gif Terms "Mom" and "Dad" banned in U.S. and abroad because they are not "gay friendly"

bullet19_gray.gif Federal court rules that indoctrination of kindergartners with gay propaganda in schools is perfectly legal

bullet19_gray.gif Trampling on Jesus? Newest evangelical fad: scripture shoe inserts (official website)

bullet19_gray.gif Methodists agree on top goals for 2008: Addressing "global warming" and univeral healthcare tops the list

bullet19_gray.gif India charity adopts 300 children of prostitutes

bullet19_gray.gif Did President Bush snooker evangelicals? His faith questioned by those in the know

bullet19_gray.gif The depravity of CCM: "Christian" rock band uses profanity reference as album name (official website)

bullet19_gray.gif Pentecostal T-shirts: T-shirts with phrases in "tongues" (official website)

bullet19_gray.gif Evangelicals use "Armageddon" wrestling event as tool of evangelization (official website); see also the "wrestling Jesus" event

bullet19_gray.gif Methodists hold services at Hooters

bullet19_gray.gif Police called to investigate evangelical young group wearing diapers

bullet19_gray.gif AIDS infected Catholic priest spreads disease in military

bullet19_gray.gif Billy Graham spends $27,000,000 on an edifice to glorify...himself

bullet19_gray.gif Switzerland tries to come to terms with centuries of persecution of Anabaptists

bullet19_gray.gif Prominent lesbian activist leaves gay life behind when she meets God

bullet19_gray.gif Pentecostal church baptizes faithful with a firehose. "Baptism" followed by dancing and hot dogs

bullet19_gray.gif Church of largest Lutheran denomination in America (ELCA) teaches that we should pray to goddesses, using rosary; also advocates lesbianism & radical feminism (official church website)

bullet19_gray.gif Episcopalians turn Communion service into a clown show (literally), with picture

bullet19_gray.gif Baptists take child evangelism to the next level: new child-friendly DVD uses scuba diver to encourage child baptisms


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