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Please note that with the exception of official Apostolic Christian Church Of America websites, these links are not a recommendation of all of the pages that can be found at these sites, only the specific page(s) that these links point to. It is also not to be construed as a recommendation of the authors or organizations that may be represented at these websites. As always, when it comes to doctrinal viewpoints, we should always be mindful to review what we read in the light of the Scriptures. We have also recommended a few books for a more thorough discussion of various issues.   


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bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church (Official website) Consists of the Apostolic Christian Church "Welcome" booklet in electronic form and list of church locations.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Churches of Arizona  ACC Arizona website for Arizona churches with calendar, directions & contact info.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church, Bloomington-Normal  Website for the Bloomington-Normal, Illinois church.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church, Fort Meyers  Website for the Fort Meyers, Florida church.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church, Francesville  Website for the Apostolic Christian church in Francesville, Indiana. Calendar, streaming of sermons, misc.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church, Goodfield Website for the Apostolic Christian church in Goodfield, Indiana

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church, Leo  Website for the Apostolic Christian church in Leo, Indiana

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church, Livonia (Detroit)  Livonia, Michigan church website with calendar and misc. church info.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church, Morton  Website for the Apostolic Christian church in Morton, Illinois

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church, Tremont  Website for the Apostolic Christian church in Tremont, Illinois

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church, West Lafayette  Website for Apostolic Christian church in West Lafayette, Indiana

Also see "History" below for more church web pages.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Home Nursing home and retirement village in Sabetha, Kansas

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Resthaven Nursing home in Elgin, Illinois. Complete with a "virtual tour" of the facility.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Restmor Nursing home in Morton, Illinois

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Skylines Nursing home in Peoria, Illinois. Complete with a panning "virtual tour."

bullet03_redsign.gif Fairview Haven Nursing home and retirement village in Fairbury, Illinois

bullet03_redsign.gif Parkview Haven Nursing home, assisted living and retirement village in Francesville, Indiana .

bullet03_redsign.gif Woodhaven Retirement Community Apostolic Christian nursing home and assisted & independent living units located in Livonia, Michigan.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Services  Website for the Apostolic Christian Home for the Handicapped and other facilities and services they provide for the developmentally handicapped.

bullet03_redsign.gif Gateway Woods, Apostolic Christian Children's Home  Care center for neglected and abused children. Located in Leo, Indiana.

bullet03_redsign.gif AC Mens' Sing  Website for the Apostolic Christian Mens' Sing event held every other year, where a large group of Apostolic Christian men get together to practice singing hymns a cappella and then make a recording of their final performance which is before a live audience.

bullet03_redsign.gif Bluffton Young Group  Bluffton & Bluffton-North (Indiana) Young Member Group calendar, pictures, Bible studies, brief history of the Bluffton church, Apostolic Christian literature, World Relief project info and Zion's Harp hymnal database.

bullet03_redsign.gif Columbus Singles Group Columbus, Ohio Young Group calendar, pictures, misc.

bullet03_redsign.gif Denver Young Group  Denver, Colorado Young Member Group website with calendar and misc. info.

bullet03_redsign.gif ISU Young Group    Website for the Illinois State University Young Member Group. Calendar, some Bible studies, sermon mp3's and misc. info.

bullet03_redsign.gif Peoria Young Group  Calendar & pictures for the Peoria, Illinois Apostolic Christian Young Group.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Counseling Services  Church-sponsored counseling service for members and friends of the Apostolic Christian Church of America. Includes some PDF pamphlets that can be downloaded free.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Publications  The official publishing house for the Apostolic Christian Church. Online ordering available for Bibles, hymnals, Sunday School materials, mental health publications and tapes, the S.H. Froehlich library, etc. Some pamphlets can be downloaded free in PDF format.



bullet03_redsign.gif A Critical Evaluation of Paedobaptism   A detailed refutation of infant baptism.

bullet03_redsign.gif Believer's Baptism In The Bible  A look at the scriptures concerning baptism in the Bible.

bullet03_redsign.gif Infant Baptism And The Bible: Should Babies Be Baptized?  An overview of infant baptism and the supposed Scriptural support for this Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Reformed church practice. Infant baptism is shown to clearly be the idea of man, not the Bible.

bullet03_redsign.gif Infant Baptism: Its History And Its Harm  A brief look at the history of infant baptism and the position of the major denominations on this heretical doctrine.

bullet03_redsign.gifThe Mode of Baptism: Sprinkling, Pouring Or Immersion? The overwhelming Scriptural evidence for the necessity of baptism by immersion for the true believer in Christ.


bullet03_redsign.gif Closed Communion A Baptist view of why we should restrict access to Holy Communion.


bullet03_redsign.gif Are Men Born Sinners? The Age Of Accountability A brief discussion of the age of accountability as opposed to the Roman Catholic doctrine of original sin.

bullet03_redsign.gif Modern Altar Methods  A conservative Methodist critique of the modern "altar call" practice.

bullet03_redsign.gif Repentance The necessity of repentance for the believer.

bullet03_redsign.gif The Scriptural "Age of Accountability" The compelling Scriptural, historical and cultural reasons why one can not become fully committed to Christ until he reaches the age of accountability.


bullet03_redsign.gif Christian Cursing  How many times have you seen supposed "Christians" swearing or taking the Lord's name in vain? A look at what the Bible has to say about it.

bullet03_redsign.gif Church Discipline  A look at the Scriptures supporting it; why it is good for the church and how it is to be practiced.

bullet03_redsign.gif Church Discipline: Missing The Mark  The decline of the practice of church discipline in most denominations over the last century and why it should be reinstituted.


bullet03_redsign.gif The Antimonianism Of "Once Saved, Always Saved"  A review of the inherent problems of the "eternal security" doctrine.  

bullet03_redsign.gif The Believer's Conditional Security An 801 page book that thoroughly refutes every flavor of the "eternal security" doctrine. Origin of the doctrine is discussed and as well as detailed Scriptural references that plainly show the fallacy of this doctrine. Includes chapters that refute, point-by-point, the versions of the eternal security espoused by famous radio personalities such as Charles Stanley, John MacArthur, Hank Hanegraaff, Chuck Swindoll and many others. Available at a discounted price at this link and also available from Amazon.com

bullet03_redsign.gif Does God Have An Eraser? A review of the once saved, always saved heresy. The Scripture clearly teaches that our name can be erased from the Book of Life.

bullet03_redsign.gif The Eternal Security Teaching A response to the "eternal security" doctrine by the Church of the Brethren (an Anabaptist denomination).

bullet03_redsign.gif The Faith Factor What being "saved by faith" really means (not easy believism).

bullet03_redsign.gif The Inadequate Historical Precedent For "Once Saved, Always Saved" A look at the Roman Catholic & Calvinistic roots of the once saved, always saved heresy.

bullet03_redsign.gif The Myth Of The "Carnal Christian"  A second look at the "carnal Christian" doctrine of Dispensationalist of Lewis Sperry Chafer.

bullet03_redsign.gif Once Saved Always Saved: The Devil's Sin Gospel A great starting point for articles disputing the fallacy of the "eternal security" doctrine.

bullet03_redsign.gif The Possibility Of Falling From Grace An article from the Silver Lining regarding the doctrine of "eternal security."


bullet03_redsign.gif The Christian's Appearance A review of scriptures that prescribe moderate dress.

bullet03_redsign.gif The Christian Veiling An analysis of scriptures regarding the veil.

bullet03_redsign.gif Christian Grooming, According To The Church Fathers Numerous quotes from the early church fathers regarding modesty in dress, eschewing expensive clothing, cosmetics, hair dyes, wigs, etc.

bullet03_redsign.gif Is The Headcovering Really The Issue? Challenges many of the common arguments against following the Biblical directive for headcoverings.

bullet03_redsign.gif Let Her Be Veiled A collection of articles and testimonies regarding the use of headcoverings.

bullet03_redsign.gif Modesty An article regarding modest dress.

bullet03_redsign.gif Modesty: Biblical Investigation, Contemporary Application A brief look at the Scriptures that admonish one to be modest and there application today.

bullet03_redsign.gif ...A Peculiar People, Zealous Of Good Works One woman's personal testimony of adopting modest clothing after becoming a Christian. She then reviews the applicable Scriptures, with a special emphasis on whether it is advisable for a Christian woman to wear pants.

bullet03_redsign.gif Should Christian Women Wear A Headcovering In Church? A review of scriptures dealing with headcoverings.


bullet03_redsign.gif Is The One Pastor System Scriptural? A great overview of the role of elders and ministers in the church

bullet03_redsign.gif Is The One-Pastor System Scriptural? Another overview of the ministry (same title, but different author than above).

bullet03_redsign.gif The Office Of Elder History of the office of elder from the apostolic age until now. Discusses the decline of this Biblical ministerial position in some Anabaptist denominations. From the Mennonite Encyclopedia.

bullet03_redsign.gif Should Women Be Pastors And Elders? What the Bible has to say about this topic

bullet03_redsign.gif Should Women Speak In The Church Meeting? A review of scriptures regarding the role of women in the church.

bullet03_redsign.gif Women Pastors, Biblical Or Beguiled? Why women should not be in the ministry.


bullet03_redsign.gif Christian Hymnal Online Christian hymnal, including many German hymns (tunes only).

bullet03_redsign.gif The CyberHymnal Music, lyrics and information on the authors of over 4,000 hymns (probably the best online hymnal on the web).

bullet03_redsign.gif Hymnal.net Online Christian hymnal with music and lyrics (click on the Classic Hymns link). Note: the authors of this website have some rather dubious religious affiliations.

bullet03_redsign.gif Instrumental Music In Christian Worship And Testimony: Has It A Scriptural Sanction? A detailed look at the scriptures and history regarding instrumental music in the church.


bullet03_redsign.gif Separate Seating Church Arrangement A review of reasons why the sexes should be separated in worship.


bullet03_redsign.gif What Did The Early Church Believe About The Authority Of Scripture (Sola Scriptura)? A historical review of sola scriptura in practice in the early church.

bullet03_redsign.gif New Testament Finality The primacy of the New Testament has been one of the main tenets of the Anabaptist faith since its beginning. However many Anabaptists are not even aware of this! Here is a brief discussion of this doctrine and how it came to be.

bullet03_redsign.gif The Purpose-Driven Life: A Review Of Scripture Misuse This article shows how "Warrenism" that is sweeping evangelicals nationwide is built on corrupt, paraphrased translations from "The Message"


bullet03_redsign.gif Faith, Feeling And Fanatacism  A amazingly modern-sounding review of Charismatic fanaticism and the once saved, always saved heresy that started with the Plymouth Brethren. From John Wesley.

bullet03_redsign.gif The Charismatic Movement: A Biblical Critique  A look at the fallacy of common Charismatic doctrines.

bullet03_redsign.gif The Strange History Of Pentecostalism  The history of Pentecostals & Charismatics and a look at current leaders of this movement.


bullet03_redsign.gif The Christian And Nonresistance A look at the Christian view of war, according to the Scriptures.


bullet03_redsign.gif Amish Anabaptists In Switzerland In 1861 An interesting look into the Anabaptists in Switzerland in 1861 from a letter of that time period. Apparently, the Apostolic Christians were already the predominant Swiss Anabaptist denomination at that time.

bullet03_redsign.gif Anabaptist History Of Bern, Switzerland A interesting look at the history of Anabaptists in Bern, Switzerland from the beginning of the Anabaptist movement. Apostolic Christians are also mentioned.

bullet03_redsign.gif The Anabaptist Story A brief history of the origin of the Anabaptists and Mennonites.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian History, Herman Ruegger  Originally published as Apostolic Church History, Volume 1, this book on Apostolic Church history written in Europe in 1947 has been slightly revised for clarification purposes and republished by the Apostolic Christian Church of America. While not as complete or polished as Marching To Zion (found below), it provides another perspective of Apostolic Christian Church history. Available from Apostolic Christian Publications and A.C. vendors found on this page.

bullet03_redsign.gif Christian Gerber Entry in the Mennonite Encyclopedia regarding Christian Gerber (early Apostolic Christian Church leader) and an instance where half of a Mennonite church abandoned their congregation to join the Apostolic Christian Church.

bullet03_redsign.gif The Crown Hill Congregation History of a Mennonite church in Wayne County, Ohio. The fact that a number of families left to join the Apostolic Christian Church is noted.

bullet03_redsign.gif The Dynamics Of Extinction: The Nazarene Religious Community In Yugoslavia After 1945 Thesis from the Central European University discussing the intense persecution of the European Nazarene branch of the Apostolic Christian Church in Yugoslavia during Communist rule.

bullet03_redsign.gif Historical Background Of Tremonton City History of the only city (that we are aware of) that was founded by Apostolic Christians. For some reason, church is never referred to by name, but instead as "German colony," etc. Also see "Tremonton, Utah Apostolic Christian Church History" below for more information on the subject from a different source.

bullet03_redsign.gif History Of The Apostolic Christian Church In Kossuth County, Iowa The History of the West Bend, Iowa Church.

bullet03_redsign.gif History Of The Peoria Apostolic Christian Church Brief history of the Peoria church from the HistoricPeoria.com website. Includes photo of the church.

bullet03_redsign.gif History Of The Princeville Apostolic Christian Church A page on the Village of Princeville website on the history of this Illinois church. Picture included.

bullet03_redsign.gif Marching To Zion: A History Of The Apostolic Christian Church Of America This definitive book on Apostolic Christian Church history by Perry Klopfenstein covers the history of the Apostolic Christian Church, starting from its beginnings in the Anabaptist movement until now. Nothing was overlooked; it includes information on the major leaders of the denomination, the development of the church hymnal, and even the two splits of the church. It includes a brief history of each individual church of this denomination (up until 1982, when this book was written), even including the many small start-up churches that later died out or were incorporated into other churches. Chucked full of photos and illustrations, 653 pages. Available new at Apostolic Christian Publications; used editions of this book are often available at Amazon.com.

bullet03_redsign.gif Martyr's Mirror Online Online version of the Anabaptist classic Martyr's Mirror of Defenseless Christians. Covers the history of the early church and includes many accounts of Christian martyrs through the centuries (especially Anabaptist martyrs).

bullet03_redsign.gif Tremonton, Utah Apostolic Christian Church History A brief history of the Apostolic Christian Church in Utah from a genealogy website. The town was named after the original home of the Apostolic Christian settlers that founded it.

bullet03_redsign.gif The Nazarenes,by Karoly Eotvos  The story of Louis Hencsey, the God-fearing man that converted to the Apostolic Christian faith and brought it to his people in Hungary, resulting in many new churches in his country and beyond. Very inspirational, we can't recommend it enough! Available from Apostolic Christian Publications and A.C. vendors found on this page.



bullet03_redsign.gif Fox's Book Of Martyrs An online version of this classic book of early Christian martyrs (warning: takes a while to load, it's a book, after all!).

bullet03_redsign.gif The Development Of Religious Persecution This article shows how persecution of true Christians has been sponsored by Catholic and Protestant state churches and is dependent on the heretical theology of Augustine


bullet03_redsign.gif Against Musical Instruments In Public Worship Amazing document by a prominent Southern Presbyterian preacher condemning the invasion of organs in Presbyterian churches. Note how his comments fit the current controversy regarding introduction of worldly music in the church!

bullet03_redsign.gif Augustine On Appearance Early teachings on apparrel,use of jewelry and cosmetics.

bullet03_redsign.gif Calvin On Headcoverings What one prominent Reformation leader taught on the subject

bullet03_redsign.gif Excessive Adornment In Dress (1897) Remarkable evidence that even Presbyterians were once concerned about modesty!

bullet03_redsign.gif The Head Covering: 1 Corinthians 11:1-16 A brief look at the practice of wearing the headcovering, including quotes by early church fathers and a look at the Roman culture. With pictures.

bullet03_redsign.gif Headcoverings In ScriptureAn examination of evidence of the wearing of headcoverings starting at 100 A.D.

bullet03_redsign.gif Instrumental Music And Church History A brief review of the history of instrumental church music.  Click here for part two of this article.

bullet03_redsign.gif Instrumental Music In Religious Worship The classic Presbyterian view of bringing musical instruments into the church.

bullet03_redsign.gif Mennonites In Europe: Church Discipline  A historical look at the decline of church discipline in the Swiss Reformed Church under it's founder Zwingli, contrasted with church discipline among the Swiss Anabaptists.

bullet03_redsign.gif On The Veiling Of Women John Chrysotom's (an early church father) thoughts on the subject.

bullet03_redsign.gif Shall I Enter The Army? Surprising support for the doctrine of nonresistance from Dwight L Moody.

bullet03_redsign.gif Tertullian On Christian Adornment Read the words of one of the early church fathers, including his warnings about immodest clothing and jewelry. This document is circa 200 A.D.

bullet03_redsign.gif What Did The Early Christians Believe About...? Compilation of the numerous cries against the use of instruments in the church by early church fathers and theologians.

bullet03_redsign.gif Women's Hats And Churches (1942) The order that rescinded the Church of England's longstanding doctrine requiring headcoverings for women in church (note the lack of scriptural support for this change).



bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church (From the Bible Views website) Consists of the Apostolic Christian "Welcome" booklet explaining church doctrine and practices.

bullet03_redsign.gif Bible Views Informational website with an overview of the major Anabaptist denominations, including the Apostolic Christian Church.



bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian World Relief  The official organization for Apostolic Christian Church missions and relief projects across the globe.

bullet03_redsign.gif Casa de Elizabeth Orphanage and home for unwed mothers in Mexico. This article discusses the involvement in this effort by the Apostolic Christian World Relief organization and the local A.C. church at Ixtlan, Mexico. Click here for the home page.

bullet03_redsign.gif Gateway Woods was featured in two separate articles in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel newspaper. With pictures. Click here for article one. Click here for article two.

bullet03_redsign.gif Haitian Hearts The Apostolic Christian Church has been dedicated to the Haitian Hearts program, which brings medical care to the poor in Haiti. There are many accounts of trips to Haiti by the Apostolic Christian World Relief organization here, complete with pictures.

bullet03_redsign.gif Changed Lives Accounts of children rescued by the Haitian Hearts program. Most families referenced on this page belong to the Apostolic Christian Church.

bullet03_redsign.gif Midwest Food Bank A charitable organization started by Apostolic Christians in the Midwest to provide food and other assistance to those in need across the globe. Aid is usually distributed by the semiload with items collected and loaded at these facilities. It is largely run by Apostolic Christians and with Apostolic Christian volunteers, although it partners with other Christian charitable organizations, corporations and others from the community willing to volunteer their time and donations for this effort.

bullet03_redsign.gif Northwest Medical Teams International Story of a typical Apostolic Christian World Relief effort to provide medical care and food to those suffering from poverty, famine or weather-related disasters.

bullet03_redsign.gif Outreach Indy  A program started by the Apostolic Christian Church of Indianapolis to help out neighbors in need.


bullet03_redsign.gif A Race For Salvation An award-winning, heartwarming story of a stellar athlete from Congerville, Illinois who gave up a chance at a promising track career to follow the call of the Lord. Also includes interviews with her athletic coaches, her parents and a minister from the Apostolic Christian Church. Originally published in the Pantagraph. With pictures.


bullet03_redsign.gif A+ Homeschooling  Interesting site with homeschooling tips, journals and even a free newsletter. By the Ringger family.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Churches (Flickr) Personal posting of pictures of past and present Apostolic Christian Church buildings.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Churches In Europe  Lots of great pictures of Apostolic Christian Churches and church members in Europe. Personal page by Jon Stoller.

bullet03_redsign.gif Hoosiers In Haiti  Website maintained by an Apostolic Christian family in Haiti. Pictures and info on A.C. World Relief work being done there.

bullet03_redsign.gif Ito News  Interesting website maintained by an American Apostolic Christian woman who moved to Japan after she married an Apostolic Christian man from the church there. Lots of pictures.

bullet03_redsign.gif The Klaus Family Website maintained by an Apostolic Christian minister in Japan. Lots of pictures of the people and churches.

bullet03_redsign.gif The Reinhard Connection  Personal page for the Reinhard family, a Haiti missionary family. Pictures, journals, etc.


bullet03_redsign.gif Melt The Heart  Internet vendor of Apostolic Christian recordings, books and Christian greeting cards & gifts. Located in Forrest, Illinois.

bullet03_redsign.gif Pencil Portraits By Melissa  Get a pencil portrait custom made from your photograph by artist Melissa Zimmerman.

bullet03_redsign.gif Ringger Clothing  Custom tailored, modest clothing for girls and women.  Also available through their Ebay store (click here).


bullet03_redsign.gif Anabaptist Bookstore An online bookstore with conservative Anabaptist books and recordings.

bullet03_redsign.gif Scroll Publishing Co. A publisher of books on the early church and topics of Anabaptist interest. Their low shipping cost makes them more economical than alternatives like Amazon.com.



bullet03_redsign.gif Dramatic Church Sound Improvement With SPL Tricks The unique sound requirements required because of Apostolic Christian church practices such as plural ministry made news in this trade journal. With pictures of the Peoria church.



bullet03_redsign.gif Amish Mennonites In Tazewell County, Illinois  This report includes genealogical information on many Apostolic Christian families in the area. PDF file.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Genealogy Great site for tracing the genealogy of families that have belonged to the Apostolic Christian Church for several generations.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church Cemetery, Box Elder County, Utah Cemetery records for the Apostolic Christian Church cemetery at Tremonton, Utah.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church Cemetery, Kossuth County, Iowa Cemetery records for the West Bend, Iowa church. Click here for pictures of this cemetery.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church Cemetery, LaPorte County, Indiana Records of veterans buried in the LaCrosse, Indiana church cemetery.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church Cemetery, Lewis County, New York  Pictures of the Apostolic Christian cemetery in Lewis County cemetery.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church Cemetery, Nemaha County, Kansas Cemetery records for the Sabetha, Kansas church.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church Cemetery, Wells County, Indiana Cemetery records for the Bluffton, Indiana church. Also records for the new cemetery.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church Cemetery, White County, Indiana Cemetery records for the Wolcott, Indiana church.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Christian Church Cemetery, Woodford County, Illinois Cemetery records for the Roanoke, Illinois church.

bullet03_redsign.gif Apostolic Heritage Genealogy website for those looking for info on Apostolic Christian families from East-Central Illinois and West-Central Indiana. Includes cemetery information, along with information on families, church ministers, Sunday School teachers and song leaders. Also newsletters with periodic updates.

bullet03_redsign.gif Swiss Anabaptist Genealogical Association Information on families with an Anabaptist heritage in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. You'll see many common A.C. surnames on their list!