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A Bible Believing Church?

How The Form Of The Sunday Sermon

Can Adversely Affect What Is Preached

Many churches claim to be "Bible-believing" churches, but it is not unusual to that find that one "Bible-believing" church has doctrines directly opposed to the doctrines of another "Bible-believing" church. What's going on here? One way to understand this is to look at what goes on in the worship service, particularly, the sermon.


Apostolic Who?

Sorting Through The Various "Apostolic" Churches

There are quite a few denominations and churches that have chosen to use the word "Apostolic" in their names, which can make finding the "right" Apostolic church on the web rather difficult. And the fact that the two groups that left this denomination chose to retain a variation of the Apostolic Christian Church name does not make the task any easier! This brief article should help you quickly sort out through the various Apostolic churches (and determine if this website is the one you were looking for).


Are Pastors Like Politicians?

The Fatal Flaw In The Typical Pastor-Laity Relationship

There is a fatal flaw in the way most churches are organized, namely the relationship between the pastor and the parishioners. It is a relationship leads many pastors to act in some ways like the politicians many despise. What is this relationship? Read on.


Augustine's Legacy: Churches Full Of Heresy

How The Heresies Of A Roman Catholic Theologian Have

Influenced Both The Roman Catholic And Protestant Churches

Few Protestants realize that many of their doctrines can be traced back to a Roman Catholic theologian: Augustine, bishop of Hippo. This discussion with our chief researcher reveals the path from Augustine to the Roman Catholic Church and to the reformers who shaped most of the Protestant world: Luther, Zwingli and Calvin. Augustine's ideas are revealed to be at the heart of the moral disintegration of most churches today, as well as the foundation of old and new heresies, such as "original sin" and "eternal security" and Calvin's theology of predestination. Because of its length, it has been divided into several parts (they need to be read in their proper order to be fully understood).

Part I: The many inherent problems with theology are discussed. The Anabaptist approach to theology is discussed. The difference between Calvinist & Lutheran and Anabaptist approaches to the Bible are revealed, as well as why many early theologians came up with some very bizarre interpretations of the Scripture.

Part II: The pagan roots of Augustine's theology are revealed. The theology Augustine devised to fight the Donatists and its implications on Luther, Calvin and most Protestant churches today. Augustine's theology of "original sin," the resulting doctrines of infant baptism and on sexuality and their impact on the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches.

Part III: Coming soon

Part IV:Coming soon


Beliefs Of The Apostolic Christian Church

What The Apostolic Christian Church Believes

What does the Apostolic Christian Church believe and why? Are their distinctive practices based on man's ideas or do they have a Biblical basis? Most of these questions will be answered with this brief overview of the main tenets of faith for the Apostolic Christian Church. Also included is a comparison with Roman Catholic, liberal Protestant and conservative Protestant denominations. Scriptural citations for each belief are listed and most include links to additional information for those interested in more detail.


Bringing Devil Music Into The Church?

Why The Apostolic Christian Church

Does Not Use Instrumental Music In Worship

The Apostolic Christian Church does not use instrumental music in its worship services. Yet practically every other denomination uses musical instruments in their churches, so why is the Apostolic Christian Church different? The answer is because they are following the New Testament model for music in the worship service. It may surprise you to know that musical instruments were banned in the early church and did not become common in churches until around 1200 A.D.! And you may be unaware of the fact that most Protestant reformers and denominations originally rejected the use of musical instruments as well. Find out why in this document.


Can God Be Bribed?

The Difference Between Performing

Religious Works And True Obedience To Christ

All of us are guilty of attempting to give God something other than what He has asked us from us. This article discusses this, as well as the many things that go along with it, including man's attempt to offer sacrifices of "religious works" in lieu of true obedience to Christ, the dead end of manmade traditions, hyprocrites and how to deal with sin. It is recommended that one read the article "Do You Have A Living Faith" (below) before reading this, as this article refers to points made in that article.


Do You Have A Living Faith?

What True Faith Consists Of

And Why We Can't Be Without It

Most of us think we know what Christian faith is, but do we really? This article takes a fresh look at what Jesus said about faith, and on what faith really consists of. You may find that the kind of faith Jesus talked about flies in the face of conventional "wisdom."


Does Appearance Matter?

Why Apostolic Christians Dress The Way They Do

Because of the great interest in the subject, we put together this extensive research article on the topic. Many assume that Apostolic Christians dress they way they do because of traditions started by one of their church fathers long ago or something along those lines. However, you may be surprised to learn that practically every single facet of their appearance is based on the principles for a Christian's appearance that are plain for all to see in the Bible! This extensive research article discusses the Biblical standards for a Christian's clothing, hair and adornment. Jewelry and women's headcoverings are also discussed. Learn some interesting facts along the way, for instance, do you know why Yankee Doodle put a feather in his cap and called it macaroni? Or did you know that for centuries, women's vanity was literally killing them? Lots of pictures included.


For There's No Other Way

How To Connect With God

Do you feel like you have never had that close relationship with Jesus you have always wanted? Do you doubt that the Holy Spirit is active in your life? Have have you tried everything you know of to remedy this, to no avail? Do your prayers seem to be going nowhere? Do you feel like God has overlooked you? Well, then you are not alone. This article discusses the simple steps we need to take to live in close communion with Jesus Christ. Not coincidentally, these steps can be found in the Bible and in what Apostolic Christians call a true "repentance" and "conversion."


Forgive! Or Be Unforgiven!

Why Forgiving Others Is Not Optional

Christians love to talk about how Jesus forgives them of their sins. But few know that Jesus had some strings attached to the forgiveness of our sins: if we can't forgive others of their sins, we can not be forgiven of ours! When's the last time you've heard a sermon on this theme? Forgiving those who have hurt us can be extremely difficult. This article talks about the necessity of forgiving others and gives us seven practical steps that help us to forgive those who have hurt us deeply.


Froehlich's Christian Rules Of Thumb

Advice For The True Christian From The

Founder Of The Apostolic Christian Church

Not long ago, someone purchased an old German Bible at a household auction in a small country town. When they opened the Bible, they found several letters tucked inside, all written in German. Luckily, they took the time and effort to translate them and found that one of them was written by Samuel H. Froehlich, the founder of the Apostolic Christian Church. Here is his advice to one of the early elders of the American church.


The History Of Church Leadership

How The Church Was Meant To Be Lead And Organized

What kind of church leadership and organizational structure does the Bible call for? Should it consist of elders, deacons, pastors, bishops, presbyters, priests or some of each? Should it be composed of a highly vertical church hierarchy? Or should there be no hierarchy or leadership at all, like in Quaker meetings? Should there be more than one clergyman tending to a single church congregation? A detailed look at the Biblical guidelines for church leadership and organization and how it was implemented in the early Christian church. Includes an in-depth analysis of the question of whether clergy should be paid a salary.


The History Of The Apostolic Christian Church

How And Why The Apostolic Christian Church Began

This starts from the very beginning of Christianity, explaining how the Christian church became seriously corrupted and then later reformed during the Reformation. It then documents the start of the Apostolic Christian Church in the early 1800's and why it differed from the other Protestant denominations of that day. The extensive historical context reveals that the Apostolic Christian Church has been largely successful in its quest to return to the beliefs and practices of the New Testament church. The two splits in the denomination are covered as well. Plenty of illustrations and an easy read.


The Holy Kiss

The Holy Kiss Throughout The Ages In The Christian Church

Many Christians have never heard of the holy kiss, yet the churches are explicitly directed to use this greeting five different times in the New Testament Scriptures! This readable, yet thorough review of the holy kiss discusses how it was practiced in the Christian church for centuries and why it is no longer practiced in most denominations. It responds to the common assertion that the holy kiss is just an obsolete custom that we need not concern ourselves with. Interesting facts are dug up along the way; for instance, do you know why many thought the first Christians practiced incest and cannibalism? Also covered is how the Apostolic Christian Church follows the command to "greet one another with a holy kiss" in their churches today.


How The Modern Translators

Have Trampled On The Word Of God

Why There Isn't A Single Modern Translation

Translation That Can Be Trusted Without Reservation

Many Christians do not give a second thought to the type of Bible translation they choose to read. Can we trust the modern translations? Is it possible that the liberal biases of the modern translators have crept into their translations? The answer to that is a resounding "Yes"! This article reviews the types of Bible versions found on the market today and the philosophy behind the translation techniques. It goes on to show one strikingly clear example of where the translators for the two most popular conservative, literal translations have attempted to twist the doctrine on a Christian's appearance to mean exactly the opposite of what the New Testament author intended!


How To Talk Like An Apostolic Christian

Guide To Common ACC Words And Phrases

Every denomination has its own unique jargon, for instance, liturgical churches have words like "nave," "vespers" and "processional," etc. that would confound those not brought up in that church. The Apostolic Christian Church has its own set of jargon as well. This brief guide will have you understanding Apostolic Christian words and phrases in no time!


Meet The Real Martin Luther

The Life And Doctrine Of Martin Luther

Martin Luther: no figure from the Reformation has had more praise heaped upon him by evangelicals than this man. Yet truth be known, most know precious little about the life of the man or what he really taught. The Anabaptists, contemporaries of Luther, were at odds with Luther on many points of doctrine, but agreed with him on others and in contrast to Luther, they actually followed through with them instead relegating them to little more than window dressing, as Luther ultimately did. Some things you may be unware of are revealed, such as Luther's endorsement of adultery and polygamy, his venomous hateful writings regarding the Jews and the handicapped, the massacre of peasants that he encouraged and the uninspiring way he arrived at his most popular doctrines. We believe this article will be an eye-opener for many. 

Reports From The Field

S. H. Froehlich's Reports To the Baptist Continental Society

Samuel H. Froehlich, the founder of the Apostolic Christian Church, was associated with the Baptist Continental Society in his earliest years as an evangelist (read our "History" page for details). His reports of those efforts from 1832 through 1834 , in his own words (translated into English, of course) can be found here. The first-hand accounts of the persecution the church endured described here should make all Apostolic Christians appreciate their faith even more.


Separate Seating

Why The Sexes Sit Separately In Apostolic Christian Worship

Visitors to the Apostolic Christian Church can not help but notice that men and women sit on opposite sides of the sanctuary during worship. Why is that? All of your questions will be answered here, including the historical precedents for this in Christian worship and the many benefits it provides to the act of worship.


What To Expect

Newcomer's Guide On What To Expect

At An Apostolic Christian Church Service

What is an Apostolic Christian worship service like? What is the dress code at a worship service? How long does it last? How is an Apostolic Christian wedding or funeral service conducted? All these questions are answered in this concise guide.

The Perils Of Child Evangelism

A recent study reveals how shallow child evangelism "conversions" really are

The fact that only about 1 in 10 "conversions" resulting from child evangelism endure past high school are no surprise to Apostolic Christians. The article briefly discussed why Apostolic Christians eschew the practice of child evangelism, even if that means some of their children may never decide to become members of their church.



The Beginning

Introduction To The Anabaptist Movement

Start here when reading our Anabaptist History series. When most people think of the Reformation, they think of Martin Luther. But there was much more to the Reformation than Lutheranism. There were two other major movements during the Reformation--can you name them? The other two were the Zwinglian movement, otherwise known as the Swiss Reformation and the last was the Anabaptist movement, sometimes called the Radical Reformation.

The Rise Of The Anabaptists

Why The Anabaptists Left The Swiss Reformation

Did you know that many of the founders of the Anabaptist movement started out as leaders of the Swiss Reformation? Read about some of these leaders such as Conrad Grebel, the brave Simon Stumpf and the man was who was known for wearing a blue coat! Then find out why some of Zwingli's most enthusiastic coworkers found it necessary to abandon his movement and start their own.

The Anabaptists Of Zurich

The Reformed Church Persecutes The Zurich Anabaptists

After the Anabaptists refuse to recant and subject themselves to the Reformed Church, Zwingli , the founder and leader of the Reformed Church, starts a campaign of deceit, persecution, torture and murder; a campaign that outlived him by several centuries. Read about the persecution and martydom of many of the first Anabaptists in Switzerland.

The Character Of The Early Anabaptists

The Enemies Of The Anabaptists Describe Their Foes

This short article reviews the character of the early Anabaptists; how they lived, how they conducted their lives--all from the perspective of non-Anabaptists, in fact, many were deadly enemies of the Anabaptists! Some surprising candor from those of the Reformed, Lutheran and Catholic state churches showed why they feared that the Anabaptists might soon outnumber them!

Anabaptists And The Bible

The Truth About The Reformers And "Sola Scriptura"

"Sola Scriptura" (Bible only) was the popular phrase used by Luther and other Protestant reformers which meant that the Bible should be the final authority for Christians and the church. This was certainly something the Anabaptists believed as well. But if that was so, why were there so many differences between the Anabaptist, Lutheran and Reformed churches? As this article explains, it was because only one Reformation group truly followed sola Scriptura and by doing so, it meant that they also viewed the Old and New Testaments differently than the other groups.

Believer's Baptism

The Anabaptists Rediscover The Biblical Doctrine Of Believer's Baptism

Learn why the Anabaptists rejected infant baptism and insisted on only baptizing believers that have reached the age of accountability. Read about how many reformers toyed with the idea of believer's baptism before rejecting it for reasons having nothing to do with Scripture. The origins of infant baptism, various modes of baptism and how baptism was treated by Bible translators are also discussed.


Evangelicals In Diapers  (12/07) Ol' Brother John is amused and saddened to hear that one of the most popular games in evangelical teen groups is having the boys dress up in diapers and sit in the girls' laps so they can be fed with a bottle.

Falwell & Kissing Idols  (5/07) Ol' Brother John reflects on the legacy of Jerry Falwell. And he talks about a little pamphlet delivered to his mailbox and the strange kissing habits of Catholics and Eastern Orthodox churchgoers.

The Devil Can Take A Nap  (1/07) Ol' Brother John ponders the latest movies coming out of Hollywood and how evangelicals have embraced them. And he talks about one church where parishioners are greeted by scantilly-clad people hanging from the rafters.

Is Church Just A Song & Dance Show?  (6/06) Ol' Brother John talks about the radical changes many churches have made to keep their pews full and their money baskets heavy. Along the way he talks of gunny sacks, jiggling, fire engines and child evangelism at its worst.

A World In The Hands Of Fools (3/06) The Muslims decided to go on a multinational rampage of terror, murder, rape and pillaging targeted at innocent Christians and non-Muslims in response to a cartoon featuring Mohammed. Ol' Brother John considers how a Christian should respond to this situation.

Churches Closed On Sunday (12/05) Many leading evangelical churches announced that they were going to be closed Christmas Sunday so that family Christmas celebrations would not be rudely interrupted by having to attend church services. For some reason, Ol' Brother John finds fault with this trend!

Big And Small Disasters  (11/05) Ol' Brother John considers the hurricanes, floods and earthquakes in 2005. And why, when Dick Durbin opens his mouth, Brother John closes his checkbook.

Billy Graham And The UCC (8/05) Ol' Brother John is fearful that he may have learned one lesson too many from Billy Graham, the father of the evangelicals, and (gasp!) maybe even the UCC!

The Passing Of The Pope (4/05)  Ol' Brother John reflects on the death of the highly popular Roman Catholic pope, John Paul II.

Diving Into The Cesspit (2/05)  Ol' Brother John talks about the Oscar awards in Hollywood and somehow meanders into a story about a swimming pool in a cesspit---well, you just gotta read it!

Birkenstocks And The Miracle Of 2004 (11/04)  Ol' Brother John talks about the meaning of the results of the 2004 presidential election ... and some of his subversive efforts which may have helped it come to pass!

The 2004 Election And The World To Come (9/04) Ol' Brother John shares his concerns about the 2004 presidential election and the sorry state of this country and the hatred the elitists have toward true Christians.

Giving Ronald Reagan Credit (6/04) Ol' Brother John considers the legacy of President Ronald Reagan and the politics that spews from the pulpits of some churches.

Are We Running After "The Passion" Or Following Christ? (3/04) Ol' Brother John considers the impact of Mel Gibson's controversial movie, "The Passion of the Christ."

The Salvation Army And Saddam  (1/04) Ol' Brother John discusses those who fear to say "Merry Christmas" to one another during the Christmas season and lessons we can draw from the capture of Saddam Hussein.

Rename U.S.A. To U.S.S.? (11/03) Ol' Brother John discusses recent American court decisions on homosexuality. A look at the Scriptures regarding homosexuality reveals that there is something here for all us to be concerned about.