Meet The Real Martin Luther

This puzzle is based on our article on the life and doctrine of Protestant reformer Martin Luther, "Meet The Real Martin Luther," (see our Library). Try this puzzle to find out how much you really know about the man and his doctrines.

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Christian Crossword Puzzle Instructions

Make sure to review the puzzle theme and theme description at the top of this page; nearly all of the words will have something to do with the assigned theme. If you like to start the puzzle by looking at the clues first, click on the clue of your choice and the corresponding word space will be highlighted. If you like to start the puzzle by working on certain wordspaces, click on the first letter square of the word (alternate between down and across by switching between your left and right mouse buttons, or by clicking twice); the corresponding clue will automatically be highlighted and encircled on the right. Enter words by typing them in the first letter square, the letters will automatically fill into subsequent squares. Sometimes, the puzzle may become compressed, making it hard to read; quickly scrolling the page all the way down and then all the way up will fix the problem.

It is best to complete all of the easiest words first, as they will provide letter clues for the more difficult words. If you have an idea for a word, but are not sure, type it in and then click the "Fix Word" button; if you have any correct letters, they will remain (incorrect letters in that word space will be automatically deleted). If you have completed all of the words you can and still are baffled by a particular word space, you can give yourself a clue by highlighting a letter space in the word and clicking the "Show Letter" button. If after adding several letters with the "Show Letter" button and checking various guesses with the "Fix Word" button you still have no idea what the correct word is, you can use the "Show Word" button to insert the entire word. When you have completed the last word of the puzzle correctly, you will receive a notice letting you know the puzzle was completed. Spellings of Biblical proper names are generally based on King James version Bible spellings. The "Clear" button will clear the entire puzzle, so you can start over.

Most of our puzzles are freeform style crosswords instead of the rigid symmetrical style found in many newspapers; this allows us to concentrate on the Biblical thematic content, not the physical form. That means we are not going to be using arcane, rarely used words just to fill a gap in our puzzle; you won't have to spend hours thumbing through your dictionary to solve it. Puzzles should be fun, not work! Enjoy!

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