elcome to the Apostolic Christian Church Information Center! The Ap-ostolic Christian Church was founded nearly 200 years ago, however, the core beliefs of this faith can be traced back to the Swiss Reformation in the 1500's and ultimately straight back to the Bible. And that's what makes the Apostolic Christian Church stand out; it has stubbornly held the Bible up as their standard, regard-less if its com-mandments were considered "pol-itically-correct" or fashionable at the time or not.

Their vigilance has paid off. The end result is a church that closely resembles the faithful, godly churches of New Testament times.

It is not a church where the pews are filled with nothing but hypocrites who do not practice what is preached on Sunday. We're not joking!

It is not a church that is after your money! No money plate is ever passed around. Nobody profits financially from your presence at church--and that's the way it should be!

Words of wisdom from past & present

Knowing God And His Will

Whatever speculations men may have of the doctrines found in Scripture, they will have no spiritual, saving light in their understanding unless they personally know Christ, the very foundation of the counsels of God. All spiritual life and light comes from Him and centers in Him and Him alone. The difference between believers and unbelievers...      -Read the entire article-

Anabaptist History: The Beginning

In the early 1500’s, Europe was ripe for reform. The Roman Catholic hierarchy was corrupt from top to bottom, a fact not hidden to the millions who had to suffer under its grip. It was widely known that many of the popes and priests lived extremely immoral lives; many, especially the popes and bishops, only wanted the position because of the money and power that came from it.     -Read the entire article-


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Meet The Real Martin Luther

Martin Luther: no figure from the Reformation has had more praise heaped upon him by evangelicals than this man. Yet truth be known, most know precious little about the life of the man or what he really taught.  -Read the article-

Does Appearance Matter?

Does God really care how Christians dress or wear their hair? If you believe the Bible, then the answer must be a resounding "Yes"! Rediscover the Biblical commands on appearance most churches have rationalized away or chucked in the garbage years ago.  -Read the article-


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1: Does Appearance Matter?

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3: The Holy Kiss

4: Bringing Devil Music Into The Church?

5: How The Modern Translators Have Trampled On The Word Of God


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ACCIC Happenings

We are pleased to bring letters of historical significance to Apostolic Christians: Froelich's letters from the very first years of the Apostolic Christian Church. He recounts the great persecution suffered by the first church members; click here to read "Reports From The Field." Also, Ol' Brother John checks in with his assessment of the 2008 election (found below).

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The Perils Of Child Evangelism

Recently America’s largest Baptist denomination (SBC) did a study on the progress of children baptized into their churches. What they found was shocking. After these “Christians” graduate from high school, 88% abandon their Christian faith.   -Read the entire article-

Forgive Or Be Unforgiven

Christians like to talk about forgiveness. Usually what they have in mind is Christ forgiving them of all of their sins. Or having others forgive them of their thoughtless actions. But rarely do they dwell on forgiving those who have hurt them, especially if they were greatly hurt by the actions of that person. This is sad, because this is a major theme in the New Testament.  -Read the entire article-

Obama: Hitler Or The Antichrist?

Well, we’ve had another presidential election. On the radio, the news announcer said everyone was all smiles after the election. I think they need to get out of the city, there were a lot of somber faces where I live. I had to wonder if the Lord has finally given up on sinful America. You know, like the Bible says about those God has abandoned to their reprobate minds. Though I must say that we   know...       -Read the entire article-


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